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FLETCHER FINANCIAL LLC offers specialized skills in portfolio management and financial planning. We help investors develop a broad financial plan and a detailed investment strategy. Being independant allows us to provide objective advice and access a wide variety of products and services. We work closely with other members of a clients wealth management team -accountants, lawyers etc.

  • Asset allocation analysis   We recommend a diversified model portfolio based on your goals, tolereance for risk and other factors.*
  • Retirement analysis We help you clarify your objectives, evaluate your resources and expected future returns and calculate the probability of meeting your goals.
  • Estate planning analysis We  help ensure that a large part of your accumulated wealth is preserved and distributed according to your wishes
  • Personal net worth analysis We may be able to identify ways to improve your cash flow   and  consolidate debt.
  • Benefits consulting Advise on the disposition of employee stock options or other incentive awards, the structuring of deferred compensation arrangements and the timing of plan distributions. We help business owners develop and administer retirement and health plans for their employees.
  • Insurance services Advise clients on their coverage needs, conduct liability risk assesments,suggest particular companies or insurance products, and sell variable annuities or other specialized policies.
  • Education funding analysis Project future cost of your child's education and advise you on your funding strategy, including 529 savings plans and other vehicles.


  • Gather Information
  • Identify Investment Objectives & Acceptable Level of Risk
  • Provide Understanding of Investment Principles & Strategies
  • Investment Policy Statement and Appropriate Asset Allocation to Achieve Stated Goals
  • Select Appropriate Type of Portfolio Management


*There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment

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